Pickle Factory

Mapping Memories
– movement workshop by Preeti Vasudevan

Mapping Memories is about recalling stories that connect to a past – an incident, story of a dear one, a tragedy, or simply just a moment that one has not forgotten. Whatever these memories may be they have had a deep impact in our growing years to inform our choices in life. They leave an imprint and by recalling these incidents we are able to map our own narrative – our stories that are at once personal and universal.


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The Free Male
– negotiating the female in dance

It is popularly claimed that dance is beyond gender and that the ‘dancing body’ is representative of an energy, irrespective of whether male or female. However, the practicing dancer in society can hardly escape his/her identity within the frames of family, friends, sponsors, presenters and so on. With the increasing number of male dancers in the classical Indian dance styles like Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Odissi, it is felt that there is a voice that needs to be heard. This weekend will focus on male dancers in the classical dance arena – their aspirations, experiences and understanding of the body and form that they practice, as well as the systems and organisations in which they find themselves.


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