Two short plays at Studio Safdar

Date : 4th November 2018

Time : 06:00 pm

Venue : Studio Safdar

Synopsis: Creative Bird Rangmanch Society Performing 2 shortplays on 4 th November 2018.

1.Humraz: It’s a Solo Performance,The story of 2 bestfriends named Amar & Premin which Prem falls in love with a girl, Sapna, but Sapna is unaware of his feelings. Amar & Prem are so close,that they both know the strengths & weaknesses of eachother.

2.Digdarshak: The story of a Teacher & a Student in which after many years, a student arrives for the Birthday celebration of his former teacher. The teacher used to teach & guide the student for developing his Acting skills but suddenly the student had to leaveTheatre after got instigated by the son of theTeacher.