Sisters: Captain’s Log

A collaborative project by National Theatre Wales & Junoon

This all-female work-in-progress by leading British-Asian and Indian artists holds a mirror up to life as a south Asian woman today, wherever she lives; the echoes and the contradictions, the (in)visibility and the comradeship, all told with playfulness, honesty and humour.

Sisters is part of India Wales, a major season of artistic collaboration between the two countries to mark the UK-India Year of Culture and is supported by British Council Wales, the Arts Council of Wales and Wales Arts International.


NationalTheatreWales_Sisters_Poster_A3_ART (1).jpg

Cast & Crew of the work-in-progress production of ‘Sisters’ performed on the 20th April at the Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Wales:

Words by: Sudha Buchar, Sapan Saran and the Company
Directed by: Kully Thiarai
Digital Associate and Designer: Shanaz Gulzar
Director of Junoon and contributing artist: Sameera Iyengar
Emerging Director: Tina Pasotra
Stage Manager: Sarah Thomas
Community Associate: Durre Mughal
Performers: Japjit Kaur, Asha Kingsley, Nyla Levy, Sameera Iyengar, Bharti Patel,
Sapan Saran and Sita Thomas
‘Sisters’ has been created with contributions from over 75 South Asian women in Wales, UK and India and the following artists: Emma Daman Thomas, Sushama Deshpande, Choiti Ghosh, Tejashree Ingawale, Tina Pasotra, Hussina Raja and Sita Thomas

Captain’s Log

This Captain’s Log written by Sameera Iyengar captures the two week final process towards the work-in-progress performance of ‘Sisters’.

This log was first shared on the Junoon Facebook page as a daily post:
#NTWSisters #IndiaWales #SameeraPlaysCaptain #DockedInWales

Day 1, Sun 8 April 2018.


Arrived in Cardiff today. Sapan – the writer from India on the Sisters project – and I sharing an Air BnB. A good place for the next two weeks, a place we can make home while we work on our workshop production of ‘Sisters’ for 20th April. Met a few members of the team – Simon (National Theatre Wales), Shanaz (the Digital Associate on the project) and Tina (emerging director on the project) – over a lovely Tapas dinner treat at Bar 44. We did not talk work – whether it was conscious or British culture, I do not know. Sapan and I have meandered into talking work and talking about other things since this afternoon. Now we are back at #7, our apartment – a good auspicious number 😉 – preparing for tomorrow. Getting our heads into the pieces of writing that she and Sudha (the writer from the UK) have put created, wondering out possibilities for the final form of the production, while figuring out how to take the bus from where we are to the rehearsal space at Wales Millenium Centre. Letting the months of research, creative work, thought begin simmering into focus, ready to leap into tomorrow. When we will meet the rest of the team, and begin rehearsals in earnest.

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